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My personal TierList before Absolution.


Grohk Grohk
Tyra Tyra
Lian Lian
Vora Vora
Zhin Zhin
Seris Seris
Barik Barik
Inara Inara
All around good to play/annoying to fight [usually pretty good to play in all comps and annoying to fight with almost any comp]

Grohk - A powerful healer/damage hybrid- Able to challenge most squishy by himself and if with an ally, able to challenge some tanks with ease.

Tyra - Each playstyle her talents enforces benefits her or the team, especially the infamous tank buster route, Burn Monster. On top of that, she has a low skill ceiling so anyone can learn how to do well with her pretty easily.

Lian - Despite her being one of that hardest hit scan champs in the game, her annoying auto aim spam loadouts make up room for mistakes. She's able to do around 2,000 to the whole team just with her using abilities back to back. Definitely not a fun match up. (she's even better if the user can hit her weapon shots consistently)

Vora - Probably the best flank in the game right now- Extremely versatile, incredible self-healing, good movement, easy to use weapon, absurd amount off CC for a flank, excellent abilities and a hard-to-hit hitbox on top of all that. A good Vora can hold off up to 3 champs all by herself until other teammates come to help with relative ease.

Zhin - Zhin isn't really anything special if we're being honest. His kit is so simple it just.. works. Although, his kit does make him one of the best champions for just straight up survivability. There's very little room for mistakes with Zhin and is almost impossible for a decent player to do bad with him.

Seris - One of, if not, the easiest healer to use in the game. Some playstyles have a higher skill ceiling than others, but for just straight up healing its another kit that just works.

Barik - Ok to be honest, i dont really care enough about Barik or really played him enough to analyze him and say why he's so good BUT JUST KNOW THAT HE'S GOOD AND EVEN BETTER WITH CERTAIN MAPS!

Inara - Inara is a SUPER good tank on maps with a smaller objective size but still pretty good on other maps as well. Wall, damage reduction and damage Inara are all really good with damage reduction being most favored out of all the three. A good consistent healer that has a good enough team to keep the enemy flank off them + damage reduction Inara makes her really, really hard to kill.


Ying Ying
Evie Evie
Saati Saati
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Buck Buck
Pip Pip
Ash Ash
Cassie Cassie
Good with certain skill [highly skilled players who play either of these champions can be pretty detrimental to the opposing team]

Ying - Ying's another champion i haven't quite played a lot, but I've seen really good Ying players who know how to both stay alive and keep the team alive at the same time. She does rely heavily on their team to do well though, so if the team isn't there, neither is she.

Evie - Now I hate the flank class as a whole personally, but i must give my props to good Evie players. They know how to utilize her kit perfectly in almost every situation. Its pretty entertaining to fight and watch. Of course, with that being said, her skill ceiling is quite high. Newer players are either turned off by that because of the challenge or turned on because they know the potential she has to be an excellent addition to the team while also still being fun to play.

Saati - I love playing Saati. Landing consistent shots on someone with simple yet very fun to use weapon is so satisfying, sending an enemy or 2 off the map with her knockback F is too funny, her coin is a pretty interesting and can be used in intricate ways but her decoy is a little underwhelming. All of put into a skillful player who knows how to hit their shots and use their abilities, she can be quite annoying to fight.

Mal'damba - Another champion I haven't played much but seen skilled people do really well with. Stun/damage damba can be pretty annoying to fight, gourd damba is really consistent heals in the right hands and i haven't really seen enough RMB damba's to have a formed opinion on it. I suppose it wouldn't be as good as gourd damba.

Buck - Raventric. Simply put.

Pip - A good healer pip can be consistent enough heals and a damage pip can be excellent flank support/pocket.

Ash - This spot might be a little controversial for Ash but, i believe Ash is really good in a skilled players hands. Excellent self healing, her shield can be pretty good for pushing, her F can be a good push/escape if the enemy team doesn't have too much CC to stop the charge up and her ult really does come in clutch most times a good ash uses it. Although... Khan is still a really good counter to her..

Cassie - Cassie players who know how to use an Exaction loadout really well can be really dangerous. Even big game can be dangerous. Really, it doesn't matter how they play, a skilled Cassie will always just be a really good addition.


Fernando Fernando
Terminus Terminus
Vatu Vatu
Viktor Viktor
Jenos Jenos
Willo Willo
Rei Rei
Yagorath Yagorath
Androxus Androxus
Grover Grover
Also good to play/annoying to fight, but lesser [same deal as SS tier just... lesser]

Fernando - Nando is a champion i really dislike fighting but, that's exactly why he's here! A good Nando who knows how to keep his shield healthy with Aegis or knows how to utilize Formidable decently well or knows how to annoy a healer with Scorch all while using their ult at the best times can all be good additions to the team. But with Aegis being the most picked talent, he can be pretty easy to predict and counter which is why he's in S instead of SS.

Terminus - Term is an excellent tank for surviving with off tank term also being a pretty good pick as well. Whatever the team needs, term can provide.

Vatu - I haven't actually fought a good amount Vatu's to really give a fully fleshed out opinion on him, but I have played and fought him enough to give a barebones one. First off, his Q is probably to most jankiest thing ever! You can be looking at a target, spamming it and it still wouldn't activate ambush until its too late. But his weapon is a really interesting and strong one, even with them nerfing it, it's still a 3 click for normal squishy champs. Obviously his movement is his biggest strength as it allows for excellent pick kills but can also be his biggest downfall- One wrong Q, good root, slow or cripple and its the end of Vatu.

Viktor - Eh its Vik. Plain and simple; he's a bit of a downgrade from tyra so that's why he's here but he's still annoying. Carry on.
Jenos - As an Imani main, its fuck Jenos. But that's unfair for a tierlist so I'll let it go for now. Jenos is an all around good character. His ult can be used to clear a chunk of the team (although, countered by haven), he can pocket an annoying flank the entire game and have them carry the team or just be a good healer.

Willow - Willow.. a tank's worse nightmare, next to Burn Monster Tyra. Her deadzone seedling combo can make it really hard for an on-tank to get healed and just survive in general on point. A willow that utilizes her ult and focuses squishy champs is also pretty annoying as well. But, like i said, she comes second to Tyra as a damage tank buster and once her abilities are up, she's a pretty free kill.

Rei - The healer side of Rei can be a little difficult for players to master, but once mastered, she's a excellent healer to have. While her damage side, its a little braindead but its works well enough to be considered sometimes.

Yagorath - Yag has so much to her kit, it'll take too long to disect what really puts her here. So ima just say; big warm, lotta health, ult gives her a second health bar, scary and actually able to output a decent amount of damage.

Androxus - As a professional flank hater, Andro can go suck eggs :3 Like imagine being the face of a game and being irrelevant lol? But i guess a good andro who knows how to hit consistent shots, keep moving with dashing and use their reversal well can be a good addition to a comp.

Grover - Groot is a good healer while both providing heals for the team and for himself. That combined with his vine grapple and he's one the best champs for self-sustaining, so as long as he's a little protected, you'll always have a healer with you.


Imani Imani
Maeve Maeve
Makoa Makoa
Tiberius Tiberius
Io Io
Raum Raum
Kinessa Kinessa
Atlas Atlas
Furia Furia
Skye Skye
Good.. enough. [only a few buffs needed to be great]

Imani - Ah, now its time for the main. I can go on for ages about Imani but I wont for once. As much as I would love to put imani higher, i just cant. Compared to a lot of other characters, including Grohk, she can get out damage'd quite easily. Her kit is really fun and powerful with her cards making it able to play all sorts of ways, but she just gets out preformed so you're going to have to try a lot harder to be on par. Even with that being said, she's still a fun character to main.

Maeve - I've haven't really seen a lot of Maeve players recently as she's a little under powered compared to higher picked flanks. I believe she's still pretty good and annoying in the hands of dedicated Maeve mains.

Makoa - I haven't played Mokoa a terrible amount but, I've played against him enough to know what a good Makoa player looks like. They use their kits perfectly in every situation, especially their hooks. Even so, he's getting a little out preformed by higher picked tanks but good Makoa's can be on par.

Tiberius - I hate Tibby when he first dropped, but as time went on, they balanced him pretty well and i think he's in a good place. Most Tibby players sit in the back with with the bouncing talent, play medium range with the exploding sword or full send with jumping Tibby. They all can be good and annoying if they are played right.

IO - When a good IO has a team that can do a really well job at protecting her, she can be extremely annoying to go against. But that also means if she has a team that can protect her well, her performance drops pretty drastically. Her overall healing though is amazing regardless, so still a good pick, especially for certain tanks.

Raum - Good Raum's are quite rare to find, but when you do, they do their job pretty well. Possibly the best self-sustain in the game, really good talents with all of them being useful and decent cards, Raum can be good for on and off tanking.

Kinessa - Nessa is like IO in terms of needing protection to do well. But, with Nessa she doesn't always need protection all the time, just a good team who knows what they're doing. Really good Nessa's can make the game hell for the enemy team.

Atlas - If i didn't know a friend that plays atlas really well, he would probably lower. Atlas is actually a really good off-tank with his shield being his own thing, completely unphased by anything in the game and a weapon that go from shotgun to sniper in a second. He's also an excellent counter to Term picks.

Furia - Furia; an angel fallen from grace, but not quite. While Furia was nerfed simply because of some giant worm existing, she's still a great healer to have on the team. I was a Furia main before imani and i think the changes were for the better. Her heal beam is both more balanced and better use as you can stop it on who ever you want, exterminate is still really broken and cherish is just a solid talent to use. But those nerfs are still nerfs and they put her a little lower than other picks.

Skye - Skye is incredibly straight forward. Go invisible, target someone, go invisible. Then its just rinse and repeat from there. Even then, its still really effective.


Octavia Octavia
Drogoz Drogoz
Bomb King Bomb King
Khan Khan
Moji Moji
Lex Lex
Getting up there [almost there with higher picks, but just not quite]

Octavia - Oct deals really, really good damage from long to medium range with even close range not being that bad. Her kit is pretty straight forward but it works with her pretty well. Even still, she struggles with most flanks so she's kinda easily counterable. Also her ult is so satisfying 😩

Drogoz - Dedicated Drogoz players can make the game.. unfun for the enemy, but there aren't enough to get him higher on the list. His kit is overall good and annoying to go against, but like i said, not enough people play him for him to be potent.

Bomb King - Now BK is a good character in the right hands, but even still, they can still be out preformed. Mainly the reason why he's not S+. But BK is only a few buffs away from being extremely good and dangerous.

Khan - Khan's biggest strength is his ability to counter some champs but is also countered by most champs. With his shield only be able to cover the front of his hitbox, it can easily be worked around to kill Khan. Like Imani can just fly above and beam a Khan for most his health quite easily. His grab leaves him vulnerable when in a team fight so his only option is to use his shield to block all the damage he can then use his shout back and forth. His ult also helps in team fights, eliminating a tank or a healer with ease. He's as good as he is bad.

Moji - A good Moji can be extremely annoying as her dps is quite insane but she is still easy to counter. One of her counters just being range. She cant really do anything if she's too far to put a mark on you. But when if she does get close, you could very well be dead. Still, there's better picks for flanks.

Lex - Lex is in the same boat as Drogoz; can be really good and annoying in the right hands but not enough players to be potent. I mean, he has a card then heal 75% from killing his marked target, its Insane. Not only that but his kit is overall really good.


Vivian Vivian
Corvus Corvus
Talus Talus
Ruckus Ruckus
Dredge Dredge
Could use some tweaking [needs a rework to be better]

Vivian - Viv is a really simple champ which is her strength and weakness. Second she gets into an encounter with a champ that has more tech, she's dead. But as a human turret, she's pretty good :3

Corvus - Eh.. Corv.. he's the reason this tier exist. Some tweaking to his overall kit and he could be on par with at least Furia.

Talus - Talus is like a rapper that fell off tbh. They have the potential to still be great but something's hindering them from doing so. I remember Talus used to be extremely potent, but with new flanks and other flanks that are just plain better is just the better choice over Talus. Of course, a good Talus can still be on par.

Ruckus - Now hear me out- I've only played 3 games with Ruckus bu-

Dredge - Weakest playstyle in the game promoted in one dead ass champ. While dredge can be and most likely will be annoying, he cant do so without sitting in one spot spamming. So since he has to sit in one spot, a flank can just bend him over and clap him.


Sha Lin Sha Lin
Torvald Torvald
Koga Koga
Strix Strix
Falls a little short [under preforms compared to most champs]

Sha Lin - A good Sha Lin usually just sits on the side shooting, sits in the back shooting or flanks and that's really about the only way he can be formidable. He's extremely over preformed by quite literally any other damage or flank in the game.

Torvald - Gramps age is just showing. While not a bad tank, he just under preforms compared to everyone else higher on this list.

Koga - Koga had some nice glory days, but those are pretty over. The only time i saw a Koga pop off was when he was pocketed by a Jenos or Corv. Other than that, his nerfs hinder his performance pretty hard. Still a decent pick for a last minute choice.

Strix - Strix is the reason this tier exist. He falls short compared to Nessa. There's really no reason to pick him over Nessa other than better sustain.




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