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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - NA




Corvus Corvus

25% lifesteal For 2 ppl lmao?

infinite range heal


Jenos Jenos
Vivian Vivian
Zhin Zhin

Jenos: 15% dmg buff, heal through walls

vivian: extremely hard to kill with her shield that didn’t get nerfed along with tanks; she also goes pew pew pew n ure dead

zhin: flank with best survivability, can go in and out 😏whenever he wants, even against double dps. Also you can’t miss


Inara Inara
Raum Raum
Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix
Androxus Androxus
Buck Buck
Cassie Cassie

Inara: Unkillable with earthen guard up, wall controls pathways securing points and isolating enemies

raum: no cc = kinda gg against run build as he becomes nearly unkillable

kinessa: Hello 2k burst meta

strix: gotta love getting hit 1200/1800 out of stealth
andro: fly hacks + hitscan makes any projectile champions cry; best flank for finishing off kills but gets zoned out if enemy team has a lot of hitscan pressure

buck: bulk up makes you cry without caut, bounce house also gives burst meta a hello (he also can’t miss)

Cassie: no damage fall off on a weapon that can almost be considered hitscan+ burst meta + wall hacks at the beginning of every point fight cripples any team push


Evie Evie
Maeve Maeve
Bomb King Bomb King
Tiberius Tiberius
Viktor Viktor
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Grover Grover

Eevie: Teleports on hi-res servers kinda aids; kinda loses to andro tho the most popular flank and definitely loses to buck

Maeve: More damage than eevie, but lacking an ability to give her invincibility makes it really hard for her to dive in and out of tight situations

bomb king: continues to do great damage but can’t spam as hard

tiberius: potentially A+ or S- on flat narrow maps with his heavy blade doing 850+500 to the entire enemy team through shields, and a Q that allows him to output ~6500 damage in under 4s while healing him; however it is very hard to finish off enemies at a distance

viktor: most reliable long range damage, really shines when there’s no snipers to contest him

sha lin: arguably best retreat ability imo, great at 1v1s, great at breaking shields

grover: roots continue to be aids but heal range limits him to small maps


Furia Furia
Io Io
Seris Seris
Barik Barik
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Drogoz Drogoz
Tyra Tyra
Terminus Terminus

Furia: support + dps: beams might as well be an instant kill

io: dog makes it a 6v5

seris: best ult in game, great reliable heal, great sustain

barik: good sustain but his head is big af and HP really low for a tank. Still 2nd best point tank after inara; has the highest dps out of any tank even out damaging the main dps if your turrets are free and headshot consistently

maldamba: amazing healing, amazing ult

dragoz: fair and balance combo is still nuts when it lands, kinda gg if no hitscan

Tyra: tankiest dps (20% dr after nade); burn monster can also insta kill in certain choke points (bright marsh best)

Term: Syphon absorbs almost everything and outputs a huge amount of burst


Atlas Atlas
Khan Khan
Ying Ying
Imani Imani
Skye Skye
Fernando Fernando
Dredge Dredge
Makoa Makoa
Ash Ash
Moji Moji
Lian Lian

Atlas: Pretty insane burst for a tank

khan: still one of the best ults in game and a stun is still a stun after nerf

ying: amazing healing

imani: flamethrower is actually kinda nuts, dragon secures pushes at end

skye: forces enemy to buy illuminate otherwise S tier, melts with debilitate

Fernando: great ult, fire balls actually do a lot of damage

dredge; spam can be aids in tight maps like brightmarsh but pretty useless in open maps

makoa: hook = dead

ash: 50% lifesteal + knockback that can be very disruptive

moji: super low ttk but very hard to get in range + loses to any shields (vivian)

lian: hello burst meta once again: miss her Pressence shot and she becomes useless for up to 11s tho...


Willo Willo
Pip Pip
Grohk Grohk
Ruckus Ruckus
Torvald Torvald
Lex Lex
Talus Talus
Koga Koga

Situational champions

Willo and grohk are only good when enemy team has a lot of deployables (ying, barik, io)

pip’s head is way too big, but on the off chance that the enemy has absolutely 0 hitscan, go for it
Rukus and torvald: Survivability pales when compared to the others

Lex: Lacks vertical mobility as well as the invincibility like maeve making it even harder to get in and out

Talus & Koga: not enough burst for a flank; can’t poke either


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