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Patch 2.4

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With the item nerfs of season 3 came a wave of healer balances. In a meta where healers have to put out consistent healing just as much as support in the form of status infliction, attacks, and buffs, what's the most common choice of the realm for a doctor?


Furia Furia

Furia is a great all-in-one healer. Capable of providing heals while playing supportive roles (stunning, damage, et cetera). Capable of defending herself fairly well against most flanks.


Mal'Damba Mal'Damba


Jenos Jenos
Io Io

Plays a role more than just healing, but may not capable of excelling at healing.
Former's great at damage buffing with luminary. His healing over time is also very useful for fueling those flanks that will cry "VHS" regardless of how many right clicks you throw their way. Keeping your distance as Jenos usually rewards you with more uptime and a good ultimate from the stars can spell the doom of your enemies hastily.
The latter's deployable operates as both a frontline and stun applier. Quick movement ability, situationally useful ultimate, and a multi-role package in the form of a simple waifu makes for a good combination for players new and familiar with Io's style of play.


Ying Ying

Nobody asked for a Ying damage buff (except Ying mains)
Everyone that has suffered from focusing lens in the past is crying (except Ying mains)
(Most healers are still celebrating the fact her healing is rather mediocre)

...except the fact that she can be powerful in certain situations--like in teamfights--due to her team-wide heals.


Seris Seris

Though Seris' healing quickly drops off with cauterize, her ultimate and quick escape methods (especially after the illuminate nerf) has made her a very strong support in terms of survivability and utility.


Grover Grover

Grover is good, but fairly situational. His large hitbox appreciates cover and his axe is best thrown while peeking from cover. Passive healing is always a bonus, but so is his lack of range. Reliance on cover+short range heals usually does not make for a good combination in most maps, which happen to be very open (especially on the hill)


Pip Pip

Though Pip has been buffed healer-wise, he is still much too risky. His potion talent is mega inconsistent (pun intended). Combat medic requires a lot of training to land consistently and tasks the Pip player with tracking and leading shots. Catalyst lacks the damage and chaos it used to be able to provide. The vulpin's massive headbox, coupled with a self-heal and enhanced jump reliance, the poor character is now feeding material for plenty of characters capable of headshots.
Not exactly a meme, but an unwise choice at best. Don't be so cocky.




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