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Pro tips from a gamer that has been playing paladins champions of the realm for 3 days now. I will guide you through on what to do when you are the last one to select a champion (of the realm) when your team has no support/healer locked in/selected.


Viktor Viktor

You were thinking it too? Well done. Victor is the first and most EPIC choice to go with when your team is without a support class champion of the realm. Victor possesses overwhelming, mind-boggling abilities/weaponry and can easily turn the tide of a match within about three seconds. Make sure to always pick Victor, regardless of what your team suggests or needs. But wait! What if Victor champion of the realm has already been taken by some noob?!?

Don't worry. That's why there are more champions of the realm on this list you absolute idiot. please keep reading down


Cassie Cassie

Are you a level 0 kassie? ME TOO!! (or i used to be, im level 7 now)

she is the 2nd best pick when your team needs a support, or even something like a frontline. and she is best chosen when you are inexperienced at the game and learning the ropes. the lower your level, the better you are likely to play and your team will be very happy. kassie has a bird that can see enemies and also sits on your shoulder and she also knows lots of archery skills, she is a fantastic champion of the realm.


Lex Lex

next up for best champion of the realm (3rd best) selection is lexx, lexx is a cop that has two guns instead of one, he can shoot out lots of damage and kill many many champions, make sure you slide lots to dodge bullets and keep as close the objective payload point as you can. you need to protect your team because most of your team friends only have one gun and you have two, so you can shoot out more damage than they can, theres even this guy called Zin who has no gun and only a sword, you need to protect him the most because he cant hit flying enemy with a sword obviously. good luck because lexx is EPIC.


Sha Lin Sha Lin

4th best choice is always a level 5 or lower shar ling, shar ling shoots very far and can turn invisible and take two steps backwards. he is a master of disguise and can trick enemies into thinking that you left the game. then when they dont know that you are still in the game you surprise them with a bow and arrow shot and shoot them in the head. shar ling also wears a very EPIC headband that makes him look cool and your team friends will be jealous of you. he is a solid pick.


Moji Moji

5th best champion of the realm choice when you have no support is mogi, mogi can block bullets so you wont die and also can run fast with an ability and also has two attacks. she has mentally ill dragon birds for weapons and shoots out fire and balls of fire. both are FANTASTIC for taking out people at long range and defending the team.


Strix Strix

an EXCELLENT choice. stricks can go invisible and shoot with two guns like lexx, he has a sniper rifle and also has a pistol gun that you can switch to when you run out of bullets in your sniper. he is a very very EPIC champion of the realm and shoots out lots of damage at the enemies and also makes a cool sound when he goes invisible. stricks is also wearing a brown suit which makes you harder to see if you hide near things that are brown, so keep an eye out for brown things. (DONT DO THAT WITH CHAMPIONS OF THE REALM THAT ARE ALSO WEARING BROWN THOUGH BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE NOOBS AND WILL GET YOU KILLED).


Tiberius Tiberius

9th best choice is tibeerius , he throws blades and can jump.


Octavia Octavia

octopus is also sort a sniper and a truly EPIC choice, you can also heal friends with her jump ability i figured out once. she has military experience and can jump very high. she shoots fast and also slow depending on what you prefer and also like victor champion of the realm can aim in and get BONUS RANGE for all of her shots. she also has a super special ability when you start the game that allows for you to pick one of four PASSIVE BOOSTS!! your team will also thank you if you choose the EPIC BONUS choice that is the BONUS shield when you spawn so that you can all resist a single shot from most enemies when you enter the battle.


Vatu Vatu

although vatu is very low on my pro tips guide, he is also very good. he is the best champion of the realm to pick when you have never played a flank before because he can throw three shots at once and also is very very fast and can disappear. vatu is also a ninja so you will look pretty cool when killing noobs. you can also make him say cool things with the bonus built in typing voice chat feature, which i like a lot. it is funny to mess with your friends and say hi lots with it.


Kasumi Kasumi

i like casumi because she has a japanese style hat and is a ghost, she is also very easy to aim with and deals EPIC damage to enemies. you should pick her when only when all other options are gone because sometimes she dies a lot. she also can escape from fights and is might spook some dumb noob kids because she is a ghost and they will be too afraid to near you.

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