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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - EU


Androxus Androxus
Bomb King Bomb King
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Ash Ash
Zhin Zhin
Jenos Jenos
Terminus Terminus
Moji Moji
Furia Furia
Dredge Dredge
Imani Imani
Tiberius Tiberius
Corvus Corvus

Androxus - very good and even better when you are skilled, looks awesome (but a bit edgy) as well.
Bomb king - he's super strong and looks very good, also if you are skilled you can rape your enemies with him as well.
Mal'damba - great balance between being dmg or support, same thing as bomb king about the skill and he looks awesome.
Ash - very good tank, but she's a lesbian, but she still deserves SS so idk.
Zhin - fucking SS, very good, guillotine rapes even Raum and he can flank better than most flankers, also he looks awesome and has beautiful skins.
Jenos - he's a support I'd consider more dmg rather than healer but he's very good and he looks awesome and has cool skins.
Terminus - he's strong and can probably be main tank, if there's a good healer behind him, you should be scared.
Moji - she's great and she can rape anyone, also she looks cool.
Furia - very strong healer, if you take any other card other than the healing beam kill yourself.
Dredge - spam lord.
Imani - she's great and looks cool and has beautiful skins.
Tiberius - uwu.
Corvus - very good healer, dmg or buffer, looks cool too.


Cassie Cassie
Grohk Grohk
Kinessa Kinessa
Ying Ying
Tyra Tyra
Inara Inara
Lex Lex
Seris Seris
Strix Strix
Willo Willo
Vivian Vivian
Koga Koga
Raum Raum

Cassie - very strong but not every idiot can play with her but she ugly.
Grohk - very underrated and very strong, minus point for being a goblin.
Kinessa - very strong and she can be annoying with her mines, looks okayish.
Ying - she's fucking meta but I refuse to put her in SS because I'm so tired of her after reaching level 50 with her.
Tyra - if it was my choice I'd put her on D but her fire bomb will kill me if I do that, she's just a russian blond girl, pretty ugly, if you main her you're retarded.
Inara - she's strong but she's a stone.
Lex - not strong as he used to be but still pretty strong, looks like the law.
Seris - she's good enough for SS but I won't put her there because all of her skins are ugly except for Jade Priestess.
Willow - she's good and annoying but she ugly.
Strix - he's strong af but annoying to be against, doesn't look that cool tbh, also there are people who use pistol Strix wtf.
Vivian - if you play her, fuck you.
Koga - he's okay.
Raum - very strong but has many counters.


Buck Buck
Drogoz Drogoz
Maeve Maeve

Buck - very underrated but can be strong if you know how to play with him, but he doesn't look that good.
Drogoz - if I made this on 2017, he would be fucking straight up SS but he sucks rn, he does look good tho.
Maeve - she deserves being D but she's strong, and fuck street justice.


Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Grover Grover
Makoa Makoa
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Fernando - would put him in SS but he's not that good, looks are SS tho.
Barik - same as Fernando.
Grover - not as good as he used to be, wouldn't trust him as a single support, just a tree so no.
Makoa - I really didn't want to put him here but I have to, he was a main tank before but now he can only be secondary, does look great tho.
Sha lin - I want to put him in SS but let's be real, he sucks, looks good tho.


Pip Pip
Khan Khan

Pip - not good as he used to be, furry uwu.
Khan - he's very meh, his healing card is not useful unless you don't have any healers for some reason and he doesn't do a lot of dmg, also his shield only protects his body so idk about that, looks cool tho.


Viktor Viktor
Atlas Atlas

Viktor - talking about how strong he is? SS Looks? D, but I hate the fact he exists and is being used all the time.

Atlas - meh, also how the fuck is he Lex's son?????????


Lian Lian

Lian - she's good but you literally only need to be braindead, also she's not that good looking.


Talus Talus

Talus - sucks ass and definitely not good as he used to be, I don't even know what he is and minus points for having a monkey skin, monkeys are gross.


Evie Evie

Evie - definitely not good as she used to be, ugly, minus points for having an emo skin.


Skye Skye
Ruckus Ruckus
Torvald Torvald
Io Io

Skye - ugly, useless when you buy Illuminate, minus points for having an emo skin.
Ruckes - He's definitely not good as he used to be, he's shit, also he's a goblin.
Torvald - Torvald fucking sucks.
IO - no.

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