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Patch 3.3

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So....Champions that might make getting bulldozer worth something. This depends on if the opponent is A) Good...not likely at your level of comp. and B) what build they're running. It depends.


Barik Barik
Ying Ying
Kinessa Kinessa

Barik is arguably the champion getting bulldozer is most needed for if he is running a self sustain build.
Ying can do a lot of healing and/or damage with her illusions.
Kinessa's mines reveal your position to the enemy team and are a great source of damage for kinessa...they need to be dealt with.


Imani Imani

If imani is getting her ult quickly bulldozer is a must buy...if not there isn't a need.


Saati Saati
Inara Inara

Saatis deployables can be a menace when placed correctly, as can Imanis warders field.


Io Io

Io's luna is a great source of healing and needs to be taken out quickly...however, it isn't usually worth buying bulldozer for.


Grohk Grohk

Grohks totems are usually his secondary form of healing (depending on his build) and dont last very long.





Vivian Vivian

Vivians mines can just be ignored.


Literally every other champion fits into this spot.

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