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they didnt like that I was having real s*x with myself and things in the fridge.
i also want to talk to you about my favourite champion of all time: Viktor


Viktor Viktor

viktor (or quicktor as I like to call him) is by far the most epic and skill-dependent champion in all of the realm. his epic speed is unrivalled and his grenade toss ability is nothing short of incredible. you can kill enemies very very quickly with his rapid super fast rate of fire assault rifle and destroy all enemies on the map in about 2.7 seconds when playing him right. his epic hustle ability is the best movement ability in the entire game and the complex dodges/escapes you can perform with said ability are more often than not mind-blowing.

viktor also has the best haircut in the entire game and also has also also also an ability that also lets him aim down the sights with his weapon. this gives you the most EPIC range in the whole entire paladins universe and you can snipe people from across the map. viktor deals the most damage out of ALL the champions in this game and he has a left click that lets you shoot bullets at ANY champion.

viktor requires a lot of practice and skill if you want to get good at playing as him, but if you put at least 300 hours into him alone you can reach at least gold in ranked mode like i have. noobs will be very jealous of you when they see your ranked border.

viktor is also has a also is has a was a barrage ability that lets you shoot missiles down from an invisible ufo ship that FCKS ENEMIES UP!!! It kills everybody , even yourself maybe. remember to use it or otherwise people will call you a noob b*tch and say that they are having intercourse with your mother. it is very rude i know, but that is the reality and are some of the harsh dangers of the internet and EPIC paladins champions of the realm.

make sure to ALWAYS instant lock viktor, even if you have no healer or tank or even if you are only level 0. ALWAYS pick viktor first and as quickly as you can before some noob takes him for themself. please remember this.

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