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Patch 3.3

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A tier list for champions in casual sounds a little pointless, but I've made this to kind of show off what champions get a lot of value in casual. You can get all sorts of players in casual, far more variety of skills and play-styles than in ranked.


Tiberius Tiberius
Grover Grover
Kinessa Kinessa
Barik Barik
Cassie Cassie
Seris Seris
Terminus Terminus

Champions in this Tier find massive value very easily and are almost always swing a fight by simply playing an average game.


Atlas Atlas
Strix Strix
Tyra Tyra
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Khan Khan
Drogoz Drogoz
Inara Inara

This tier sees champions that can dictate a game, but need a little skill or sense to play properly. can be very effective easily.


Fernando Fernando
Io Io
Furia Furia
Lian Lian
Jenos Jenos
Grohk Grohk
Willo Willo
Ying Ying

Champions of this tier are safe and simple to play. They almost always find value but might not be the best picks all the time.


Vivian Vivian
Corvus Corvus
Imani Imani
Dredge Dredge
Zhin Zhin
Androxus Androxus
Viktor Viktor
Maeve Maeve
Makoa Makoa
Bomb King Bomb King

Champions in this tier have a duality about them. If played well, they can be powerful, but finding players who can play them well is not something that happens every game. They will often find themselves being effective most of the time, but you can easily point out how they could be doing better if they already were not.


Evie Evie
Yagorath Yagorath
Talus Talus
Ash Ash
Ruckus Ruckus
Skye Skye

This tier has champions that have potential, but suffer from not being played to their most effective. Talus and Evie go in, get a kill and get out, but many players will simply burn all cooldowns and overstay their welcome. Ash and Ruckus work fantastically as off-tanks, but many will try to point-tank as them.


Raum Raum
Pip Pip
Koga Koga
Torvald Torvald
Lex Lex
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Champions in this tier are usually played incorrectly or ineffectively. while a player with a good understanding of these champions is not to be underestimated, they are unfortunately, few and far between.


Vora Vora
Buck Buck

Vora and Buck are in a tier where they can make an impact if they are played well, but you see a huge amount of players who simply cannot play them in an effective way. We've all seen the Voras and Bucks that leap straight into a 1v5 and feed their brains out every fight, and it happens so often.


Moji Moji

Moji is the worst flanker in the game. Even a player who has a decent understanding of her will struggle to find value. She can still score kills and can be a pain when up close, but good (and even a lot of bad) players will simply not let that happen.



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