22 days ago
Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - NA


Tiberius Tiberius

Tiberius- he is way to good and needs to be nerfed he has no dmg drop off from any distance


Vivian Vivian

Vivian- good on any map and can put a shild around her self


Imani Imani
Willo Willo

Imani- she can flank and her ult can come in clutch and win games if you have half a brain.

Willo- all she is a better dredge with better movement and can stop healing.


Viktor Viktor

Viktor- the most basic character they have but can destroy healers with burst mode


Tyra Tyra
Strix Strix

Tyra-her Molotov can easily clear points but bounces off of shields she is terrible from a distance as she has a smg.

Strix-basic sniper he can hide and has a nice pistol side arm


Kinessa Kinessa

Kinessa- all she is a hard scooping strix if you can quick scoop this is your champ


Lian Lian

Lian- she has a rifle but cant zoom in


Sha Lin Sha Lin
Drogoz Drogoz

Sha Lin- he has to charge every one of his shots

Drogoz- can cover the map very quickly but shoots pretty slow his ult is possibly one of the best in the game as it is a 1 hit ko


Bomb King Bomb King
Dredge Dredge

Bomb King- you have to have high sensitivity to track alot of champs because they have better moment them him

Dredge- he has no movment ability he does alot of damage but can be easily tracked by flanks


Cassie Cassie

Cassie- stupid alt she cant put out alot of dmg quickly cant add status, her movement is ok but can be easily tracked

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