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Patch 3.1

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Here is my tier list for Season 3 I have put a lot of thought into it so please enjoy!


Viktor Viktor
Io Io

Viktor is just OP requires 0 skill. 40% life steal with burst is just not fair. IO is just too strong RN remove the ability to cap with luna and IO is balanced.


Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix
Bomb King Bomb King
Buck Buck
Vivian Vivian

Nessa and Strix are imho over powered and need nerfs and are banned on their respective maps Frog isle, timber mill etc. BK is really strong due to RS and this talent needs to be deleted. Buck is just an off tank with huge burst dmg in close range. Viv is so braindead and so easy to get value from her and I think she needs to have her shield nerfed or deleted.


Grover Grover
Ash Ash
Inara Inara
Androxus Androxus
Khan Khan
Dredge Dredge
Tiberius Tiberius

Pretty strong contenders in their respective classes but not insanely overpowered but could use some fine tuning but over all these champs are alright. Khan needs some fine tuning here. I would like old SOB back and nerf his stun to 1.5 seconds. I am only putting him at S because he is way too reliant on stun to be an effective off tank. They just need to make a few changes and I think he would be in a good spot. Dredge is just nasty right now. His high sustain and crazy dmg are insane and there are so many good dredge maps this split. I do think his healing needs to go down.


Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Maeve Maeve
Ying Ying
Cassie Cassie
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Raum Raum
Terminus Terminus
Corvus Corvus
Furia Furia

These champions are in a pretty good spot right now overall and are solid picks in ranked assuming the ones above are not up for grabs


Moji Moji
Talus Talus
Zhin Zhin
Evie Evie
Makoa Makoa
Lian Lian
Barik Barik
Jenos Jenos

I am so sad putting my boy barik at A+ but this man got nerfed pretty hard. He is still a very solid point tank but i do think barik needs buffs to his sustain to compete with Inara. As it stands Inara is superior to barik. Jenos needs his range nerf reverted, buff his healing numbers because it sucks, and nerf luminary to 10%. Jenos just feels like crap right now. as for the others they are balanced but could maybe use a minor buff but not substantially if at all. Moji and Talus are not to be underestimated these champions can be deadly under the right circumstances. They can be between overpowered or really weak depending on map and team comp. This is why they are at A+.


Tyra Tyra
Fernando Fernando
Drogoz Drogoz
Atlas Atlas
Koga Koga
Ruckus Ruckus

Tyra is just average compared to other dps champions. She can be good in low elo games but her value is quickly turned to nothing at high elo due to players being more mechanical skilled at flanks leaving tyra to be a throw pick. Nando is ok i think but I still think he is weaker than ash, khan, makoa and raum. Drogoz is pretty tricky to place because on one hand he has very good dmg and kill potential but his problem is how he can be so easily countered by so many champions that are currently in the meta RN. Atlas is a lot weaker than he once was and to be quite honest needs buffs to make him better. Koga needs ammo buffs and MS increase to be balanced. Koga is only up here because with a jenos pocket he can still be good. Ruckus is alright but sadly his large hit box and lack of defense making him easy to get picked off he is not the worst champion but with the current champions being meta he struggles alot but under the right hands he can be a strong choice and if the tanks ranked above him are not available.


Willo Willo
Skye Skye
Grohk Grohk

Willo is just not good RN for pretty much the same reasons as drogoz. Skye is just a troll pick most of the time in high elo but in low elo she's great. Ghrok is pretty situational to use but his ult is oh so good.


Imani Imani

Imani is just bug tastic please fix imani hi rez!


Seris Seris
Pip Pip
Lex Lex

Seris is just bad and should never be played. Pip has a very large head hitbox and is outclassed by other supports. DMG pip is ok but dont use him against snipers very bad! Lex just needs to be able to have verticality in his kit to make him work far better. with buffs like that Lex would be much higher because death hastens is not bad.


Torvald Torvald

Torv is poop and should never be played.

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