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A [WIP] tierlist of a returning player ranking, evaluating, and explaining how certain champions can be more annoying than one another. Obviously discretion was taken during the making of this; it is in nature subjective, and not definitive. Subtle personal opinions were also presented in this tierlist. Enjoy!


Maeve Maeve

Maeve - A pro Maeve will make your life miserable. A great Maeve will prove to be a harasser that if not dealt with will create an opening for the enemy, while simultaneously tearing away at your team. A good Maeve will be a pesky distraction that splits your attention, actively degrading your focus. Even a new or subpar Maeve will have you on edge, not knowing how much trouble she will cause you and your team. Maeve has been, and always will be, the most annoying champion to fight.


Vora Vora
Yagorath Yagorath
Talus Talus
Viktor Viktor

Vora - Very close to edging out Maeve from the SS position, with not much in the way to cease it. A flanker with high damage, a versatile kit allowing for incredible sustain; nearly unstoppable for the role Vora fills. The only smudge on her kit being her ult, which is not even bad. It is quite good, actually, however it does not adequately scale with the insanity of her kit. This places her solidly on the top of S+ into the foreseeable future.

Yagorath - When I first saw Yagorath and her kit, I scoffed to myself: "A stationary frontliner, are you serious?". That is until, of course, I loaded into a match with an enemy Yagorath. The amount of area denial she puts out is entirely unparalleled, and quite ridiculous. The damage is mediocre, but having slowness be applied while in the acid pools is very resourceful, and almost singlehandedly puts her in the S+ tier. The rest of her kit is very durable and hearty, making Yagorath a force to be reckoned with.

Talus - If a Ska'Drin this young is so powerful, I dread to see an adult Ska'Drin who has fully mastered their art. What makes Talus separable from most of the other flankers is the fact that Talus has the potential of a high-grade damager, with the kit of a flanker. Allow me to repeat this. Talus has the power and capabilities of a strong damager champion married with the evasive and sneaky nature of a flanker. It is no surprise that Talos is ranked this high.

Viktor - Placing Viktor this high is arguable, certainly. There are several factors that went into his placement here. Viktor is very easy to pick up and play, making him the perfect champion to begin the game with and perform confidently well with. The "Predator" card with 5 marks on it makes Viktor surprisingly sustainable for what would be a considered a champion used to learn to game with, among other cards to allow Viktor to stay in the fight damaging enemies and repressing assaults. On top of this, his ult is proficient at area denial, a characteristic that is quite desirable in objective game modes, rounding out his kit and capabilities to be flexible to the situation (and very annoying to deal with).


Evie Evie
Buck Buck
Koga Koga
Ying Ying
Tyra Tyra
Vatu Vatu

Evie -

Buck -

Koga -

Ying -

Tyra -

Vatu -


Vivian Vivian
Inara Inara
Grover Grover
Saati Saati
Willo Willo
Androxus Androxus

Vivian -

Imara -

Grover -

Saati -

Willo -

Androxus -


Ash Ash
Cassie Cassie
Ruckus Ruckus
Lian Lian
Imani Imani
Rei Rei
Dredge Dredge
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Ash -

Cassie -

Ruckus -

Lian -

Imani -

Rei -

Dredge -

Sha Lin -


Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Seris Seris
Grohk Grohk
Makoa Makoa
Io Io
Skye Skye
Raum Raum
Lex Lex
Khan Khan

Fernando -

Barik -

Seris -

Grohk -

Makoa -

Io -

Skye -

Raum -

Lex -

Khan -


Zhin Zhin
Strix Strix
Jenos Jenos
Kinessa Kinessa
Tiberius Tiberius
Drogoz Drogoz
Furia Furia

Zhin -

Strix -

Jenos -

Kinessa -

Tiberius -

Drogoz -

Furia -


Pip Pip
Bomb King Bomb King
Octavia Octavia
Terminus Terminus
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

Pip -

Bomb King -

Octavia -

Terminus -

Mal'Damba -


Moji Moji
Atlas Atlas
Corvus Corvus

Moji - Fallen from grace, Moji sits in the roster dwelling on the her past being one of the best, like one of those popular kids who peaked in high school. Her kit would be very annoying, if it was not nerfed into the ground. Not much more to say, besides I'm glad we don't see Moji anymore-- not having to worry about Mojispam is nice.

Atlas - Another case of potential that was lost along the way. "--But a stationary wall with unlimited health that blocks all projectiles, and time rewind for protection/health replenishment? How is this bad?", is what you may be saying. And on paper I'd agree, this does sound strong. The shield is very easily countered by, well, walking through it. It is stationary, after all. The time rewind ability more often than not puts the player in a vulnerable position, allowing for them to be of no value to the team for an even longer period of time. Considering this is the frontliner we're talking about, this is no good. If Atlas was more mobile then maybe that ability would be stronger. Despite this, there are too many flaws for Atlas to make him that much of a threat.

Corvus - Generally unimpressive. Corvus does not know what he wants to be; his kit is too hybridized to be either a strong damager or a strong support, leaving him in an awkward spot where he cannot perform well as either role he may attempt. Aside from the oddball strong Corvus player, treat him as an easy statpad.


Torvald Torvald

Torvald - I'm not sure I need to explain myself here. Poor Torvald, they did you so wrong. If ol' Torbaldy was a damager with his shielding ability (and minor reworks to fit the role), then I feel like he would be a good and fun champion. The ability to provide defensive buffs while also pumping damage with a utility-based ult to get enemies off of objectives, and even the map; so much missed potential. We do not forget you, Torvald.

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