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Patch 3.3

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Tyra Tyra

Hirez: Removes in-built caut and reduces all DPS hp to 2400

Also Hirez: Gives Tyra fire bomb a 4th affect of 60% in-built caut; leaves her base hp at 2600, plus her hp load out cards for a total of 2850 bc fck logic.

Tyra Q - spammable, with reset build - does almost double Corvus ult dmg and has more effects.

Tyra spammable fire bomb > Corvus's entire ult.
Big brain move.


Dredge Dredge
Vivian Vivian
Koga Koga

Shield as beefy as Ruckus's shield, with a shorter CD. Also it's as big as Furia's thighs.

Winner of 2020's "Most Boring Champion" award. Three straight years running.

Hirez: Creates maps with actual space to move around, dick around, and fight around.
Also Hirez: Creates a champion who with constant left clicks covers half the entire map in a ridiculous amount of jiz-ahem damage.

Koga needs a buff, seriously. Hirez only saw fit to give him like 5 dashes! They only completely reset all status affects on him and heal him a couple hundred hp each time. Like, c'mon! He needed to have AT LEAST an extra 500% bonus speed, stackable, plus 20% ult charge regen per dash to even make him viable.

Plus he only has like 30% in built rejuv now? You REALLY had to nerf it down from 50%?!

You turned Sonic into Ugandan Knuckles. Look it up, normie.


Zhin Zhin
Seris Seris
Moji Moji
Skye Skye

I don't care how many shortcomings her kit has - her burst is over 9000
....This applies to both, except Skye is sexy while Moji is an eldritch monstrosity


Hirez: Gives low-hp tanks 3500hp.

Also Hirez: Gives Soul Collector Seris 3100hp (or somefckn'numberidk).

Really, Hirez? Why does Seris need HP that near rivals a tank? Considering her 1k DPS at that point, hell, why not nerf her like you did with all the OTHER off tanks last patch?!

Seris is a better Khan. And sexier (barring Amerikhan, ofc).

Ah zhin, the second edgiest champion after Androxus. But not edgy enough to be able to be used without THREE ENTIRE ESCAPE MOVES. Dashing, cock blocking, and blowing (Billowing*) everywhere, Zhin just gives zero shts about anything.

Zhin is what you get when a Panzer tank and Apache attack helicopter have a baby. Goes in and out everywhere, impenetrable (hold the pp jokes, plez).


Corvus Corvus
Lian Lian
Lex Lex

We give you not one auto aim ability, not TWO auto aim abilities, but two auto aim abilities PLUS a dash!

We also give you tits.

I know the Paladin's fan base loves chocolate but auto aim with get ready folks, you'll never believe it! a dash.

Thankfully it is balanced by Lex's repeated targeting selection of the enemy point tank.

Every. F'ing. Time.

Third edgiest in the game. The Androxus of support. But requires less skill. Stuns and teleports? Done. EZ across the map, multiple target heals and 25% in built life steal and other goodies? Done. Reminds me of Doctor Strange? Done.

Thankfully his ult is garbage. I mean, it's just a low budget Tyra fire after all laughs in SS*


Viktor Viktor
Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix

Nerf his 2k DPS-at-range-with-free-headshots Burst talent. Thnx.

~ sincerely, everyone

We all hate snipers. Hell, even snipers hate other snipers.

....Vic is a sniper with an automatic rifle. Change my mind,






Barik Barik

Barik brings logic and sense to a realm otherwise devoid of all reason. PRAISE THE BARIK!

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