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Tierlist of the Best and Worst Matchups for Talus !


Viktor Viktor
Skye Skye
Pip Pip
Grover Grover

Counters these champs without any difficulties

Talus has the advantage on them. Try to aim the head and it will be easy as taking a sip from a cup of tea. Even if you don't shoot their heads, you still got the advantage, but try to escape if you get in a difficult situation !


Io Io
Furia Furia
Tyra Tyra
Imani Imani
Jenos Jenos
Corvus Corvus
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

Counters these champs easily, but be careful of their stun

These champions might be weak against Talus, but they sure got something to deal with you if you attempt to kill them. Indeed, one of his worst weakness are stuns. Not being able to move or to teleport can cost your whole life. So you will need to wait for them to use their stuns before you attacked, or you can try dodging their spells, but it'll be very risky.


Vivian Vivian
Torvald Torvald
Grohk Grohk
Vora Vora
Willo Willo

Can be annoying to deal with, but still easy to counter

Some champions can be a little challenging :

-Like Vivian and her shield, which can protect her from the damages of Overcharge.

-Torvald, who can give himself a shield and stun Talus, preventing him of his teleportation.

-Grohk, who can escape and recover his hp quite easily.

-Vora, who got enough sustain to handle a 1v1, She also has a good ult for 1v1.

-Willo flying in the sky is difficult to aim, and her AOE damage are also dangerous.

They all have their little annoying aspects, but they are, most of the time, not too difficult to get rid off. (even if they are not fun to play against as a Talus, its still not a reason for being toxic !)


Dredge Dredge
Octavia Octavia
Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix
Drogoz Drogoz
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Bad Matchups at Distance, but counterable at Mid Range

At distance, they hit hard, they 2 shots and they're scary. But if you are close enough, you can become their worst nightmare. Against these snipers, try to come at Mid Range, with your Rune of Travel close to you. It will give you a chance to teleport and slap them back if they put you in a bad posture. Your Ultimate (True Power) can also be very useful if you are having difficulties at removing their last HP's. (having a healing you is also very helpful)


Raum Raum
Ruckus Ruckus
Moji Moji
Evie Evie
Yagorath Yagorath
Koga Koga
Talus Talus
Barik Barik

Considerate as a "good" Matchups, but it takes time to kill them

Prepare your ammo, you gonna need it ! Their abilities to escape dangerous situations or being tanky is not really a problem, but it might takes you some times to deal with them. The best you can do is poking them until they have low HP's, and let your allies (or you, if you can) get the kills. It also depends of the situation and the state of your team. So the only advice I could give you ; play the way you think is the best !


Androxus Androxus
Seris Seris
Maeve Maeve
Rei Rei
Atlas Atlas
Ying Ying
Tiberius Tiberius
Fernando Fernando

Can be difficult to deal with, but you still have a chance

They can be deadly if well played. Make sure your aim is good, because they are going to destroy you if you don't have a good one.


Inara Inara
Vatu Vatu
Azaan Azaan
Khan Khan
Ash Ash
Bomb King Bomb King

If they stunned you, good luck to survive

The stuns are back. But this time, the champs got sustains as a little bonus, making them even more terrifying. If they grabbed you, hit you or explode on you, you die. The best way to prevent this is by taking Resilience. Its an Item in the shop that reduce the times and effects of stuns. Ok... Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit too much on how deadliest they really are... Whatever, they are just bad Matchups for Talus because of their stuns and tanky abilities, which makes them hard to kill alone.

Bomb King is an exception. He's sure easy to kill, but he's one of the most dangerous among all of em. Why, you asking? Because this King can kill you in 1 microsecond. His abilities to stack his bombs wherever he wants, makes it easy for him to spawn kill you. Indeed, he just need to stacks the bombs on your Rune, and wait for you to comeback. Then BOOM. You are in millions of particles.


Terminus Terminus
Makoa Makoa
Saati Saati

Probably your worst nightmares

Terminus just absorbs all your bullets, making you useless. Makoa can one shot you with his combo, depending of your deck. VII and Saati can camp your Rune with their bombs/clones like Bomb King. Not a big deal, just try to play safer than usual.


Cassie Cassie
Lex Lex
Lian Lian

Your worst nightmares

Even if you are in melee, your chances to survive will be very low. Just try to jump and dodge their spells/bullets to get the chance of getting them in 1v1. Haven/Veteran are also a good options.


Buck Buck
Zhin Zhin

You literally lose your sanity against them

Even if you shoot all your ammo in their head, they still can kill you easily after that. The best you can do to counter them is by using Haven/Haven, and wait until the game reach a decent percentage of Cauterize. If possible, try to be with a mate to get rid off them.

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