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DISCLAIMER - For lower elo's, tierlists are not nearly as important as in higher elo's though to the skill difference every character has the potential to shine in lower ranks.
Also, every Tierlist is to a certain extend subjective, there are some facts that you obviously use to place characters BUT there is still a fair bit of subjectivity involved in a tierlist.

The Tierlist is based on the Champions average usefulness no matter the map, a sniper will obviously be better on quarry then on Frog Isle for example.

Some Characters may have seperate notes, some may be grouped together.


Zhin Zhin
Terminus Terminus
Barik Barik
Tiberius Tiberius
Dredge Dredge

Dictate Matches

Zhin - Ridicilious Mobility, a good zhin will never die, all of his abilities including his ultimate can be used for escape, his damage is insane, invincibility through billow, self sustain also through Billow, and even a potential secure kill ultimate, zhin is the best champion in the game at the moment, don't even bother just ban him.

Terminus - Infinite Shield that can absorb basicially anything, the only character in the game to be able to revive himself, good damage for a tank, CC, self sustainn, he has everything, best tank in the game, basicially unkillable if the term player is not an idiot, also a very popular ban.
His only worry is a moji that just focuses him down the entire game, but thats rare and also easily counterable.

Barik - He deserves this spot so hard after everything he has gone through over the games lifecircle, insane self sustain for a tanks, deployables in form of turrets that basicially delete Pesky Maeve's and Evie's, insane juke potential, can have a deck for any situation, you need an entire team to focus down a good barik to get the point.

Tiberius - Undivable while he has combat stance ready, deletes tanks, getting hit by his blade as a squishy is basicially an instant funeral service, good mobility, insanely versatile ultimate that can be used as a desperate escape, as raw damage, against other ultimates, hell he is very good.
Also his Voicelines are the best in the game.

Dredge - Very overlooked, very rarely seen but very dangerous, if a good dredge player appears, you might aswell leave the game as a flanker or tank, if you don't have terminus against him he will obliterate your shields, he has the highest DPS out of any champion with broadside which even without wrecker just removes shields and deployables from the game, his regular pills are basicially unmissable if you know how to aim them, he has an insane combo with the abyssal spike harpoon being able to delete any squishy by just hitting them with the harpoon, can lock down entire hallways for the entire round, just removes stacked teams from existance, be wary of Dredge.
Terminus also remains his only real counter, and he himself counters a bunch of champions on the roster, shortcut is also hands down the best ability for escape in the game, its a free teleport during which you cannot be damaged or stopped. yarr mateis


Inara Inara
Makoa Makoa
Atlas Atlas
Tyra Tyra
Bomb King Bomb King
Drogoz Drogoz
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Io Io
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Seris Seris
Furia Furia
Willo Willo

Very Good

Makoa, Inara and Atlas - Inara just barely didn't make the cut for SS, as a summarry she is basicially an extremly sligthly worse Barik and the most picked point tank besides barik. (Terminus doesn't count he is almost always banned.)

Makoa's hook remains infamous, enviromental insta kills are almost always assured against a good makoa, his ultimate is also very good being able to immediatly fully heal him though immediate cancel of the ult, also a good shield that can cover his support and dps from danger.

Not much to say about Atlas, the second Terminus counter in the game, an atlas in the game will basicially make Terminus ult useless as rewind insta kills terminus if used right after his ult, outside of that his rewind is just in general very useful being able to deny enemies from touching the point to denying entire ultimates, his second chance also gives him a well second chance, being able to essentially fully heal himself to continue the fight is insanse.

Tyra, Bomb King, Drogoz, Sha Lin - Not at all the same, but they are all amongst the best damage dealers in the game, Tyra quite litteraly melts tanks, Bomb King has insane damage value's and good CC, Drogoz has good air mobility and also insane damage with direct rockets, aswell as an easy escape option, and sha lin just shatters dreams.

The Top Tier Healers, IO, Damba, Seris, Furia - All of these shine from their insane healing, Damba with his ability to essentially keep his entire team on decent health, Io being able to keep single targets alive with 25% damage reduction while she heals them, Seris with in general insane burst heal that can partially jump over to nearby teammates, and at last furia that is litteraly able to keep a tank alive against the entire team with the Ray, these are the healers would will most likely see with 200k+ healing.

Willow - Bias, i hate willow, but no for real i am not sure why would you play willow over Drogoz, she is basicially just drogoz with a tad bit less, basicially if drogoz gets banned or picked by the enemy, willow is the next best choice, however she also has some things speaking for herself, namely being able to completely deny healing with her 100% caut Anti-Healing field and being very simple to play with her fast projectile speed in comparision to Drogoz, and her seeds doing abnormal almost Dredge Level damage, a good champion, still i would pick Drogoz over Willow.


Strix Strix
Kinessa Kinessa
Lian Lian
Cassie Cassie
Viktor Viktor
Ash Ash
Raum Raum
Imani Imani
Ruckus Ruckus
Jenos Jenos
Vora Vora


~Strix and Kinessa - On open maps like Bazaar or Quarry, you will see one of these banned and the other insta picked by the first banner, on a majority of the maps they can lock down the Control Point and force the enemy team to commit to killing them first, very valueable for any team on these maps, on other maps they will deal decent damage but not be as dominant as on more open ones.

(I considered them both in SS, but they only dictate matches on like a third of the maps, so they are here and not on SS.)

Viktor, Cassie, Lian - Good. Hitscan, good mobility, potentially insane burst damage, ultimates that can be used in a lot of situations, just overall good Champions.

Ash and Raum - Insane Point/Off tanks respectively, Raum can take massive amounts of damage and still get out alive, so can ash, both or their ultimates can save games, with raum being able to wipe entire teams out with it and Ash being able to stale for insane amounts of time.

Imani - CC, Mediocre Mobility, High Damage, Game Changing ultimate, not much to say about her, can potentially be insane damage wise.

Ruckus - I'll be fair, i am a bit biased here, since Ruckus is my by far most played Champion and my favorite one, but i have good reasoning to put him so high.
He has hands down one of the most versatile mobilities in the game with Aerial Assault and the best Mobility out of any Tank, more of a fat flanker then a tank if you ask me, can easily suprise and take out targets with his rockets and miniguns, which honestly seem to be designed to perma apply Caut, he can stomp entire games if underestimated.
Never underestimate a Ruckus, he may seem weak on paper but he is strong in Practice.
His Ultimate is one of the bets for the best in the game damage wise, if used in the exact right situation, it can change the course of an entire match, also recharges very quickly.

Jenos - Even if his healing is fairly low and he lacks burst heal, he is still an asset to any team, being able to heal 3 people at the same time at insane distances through walls is very valueable, he is still outclassed by the top tier supports but he is not a bad supports by any chance.
(Its also satisfying to high hell to land his ultimate, especially if you kill 3 enemies at the beginning of the round.)

Vora - Insane Damage, bootleg lex ultimate just without it taking 20 years to execute, good mobility, very good champion, but gets deleted late game though to caut 3 killing her good self sustain and at that point a good vora will have pissed off the enemy team so much that she will never ever be able to get away after securing a kill.
(S+ would prob. be more apparent, but i am biased because i hate vora so imagine her being higher.)


Corvus Corvus
Skye Skye
Buck Buck
Androxus Androxus
Talus Talus


Corvus - Oh boy, Corvus, his healing is very mediocre on its own, HOWEVER his mark of fate especially with spreading influence makes up for it with ease, being able to essentially heal someone across the entire map while also healing your tank is very valueable, however as said, his low healing makes him very bad as a solo healer, however in conjuction with a different main healer, he can significantly support his team.

Skye, Buck, Androxus, Talus - Good Flanks, mostly good mobility or at least a get out of jail free card for Talus, deal good damage and Buck can pull out insane one second burst kills, but they lack overall versatility.
Skye can be used as a Support, with the right talent and cards, her smoke bomb can heal over 300 per second, which would be good if caut wasn't a thing, still pretty good healing actually, she can also be used as a tank shredder, even if that mostly ends in her dying and the tank getting healed up again.

(Not so sure about Andro, might reconsider him at some point.)


Khan Khan
Koga Koga
Grover Grover
Ying Ying


Khan - Oh boy, people will not enjoy seeing him down here, but i personally see him as one of the worst tanks in the game, as a point tank he is flat out useless, as an off tank he sadly has the tedency to get mowed down by focus fire by the enemy team, his shield is also flat out useless against characters with increased jump height or double jumps, his ultimate is a safe kill on a lot of pesky tanks however, something fairly valueable.

Koga - Small Rant at the beginning, Dragon Fangs is annoying and a sin and should not exist.
Anway, Koga... high damage, decent mobility options, high sustain, on hand invincibility? sounds good on paper, and he is also good in practice, however agility without cards is flat out garbage and a waste of Energy, going Blood Reaper is basicially an instant throw and Dragon Fangs can be easily countered, if you go with him, pick Adrenaline Junky, you won't regret it since he is also a ton of fun.

Grover and Ying - Not bad supports by any means, but they lack anything to make them be picked over a Seris or Furia, grover has the advantage to be litteraly impossible to be dived on low elo's but still, his healing is just too low.


Evie Evie
Fernando Fernando
Maeve Maeve
Grohk Grohk

Okay, but outclassed (Or Evie lol)

Evie - Evie is a very weird case, she is insane on higher elo's, but on gold not really, BUT she is still a very good champion in the right hands, perfect for pocking and going in for that one important kill on the support.

(Not bad at all, but on Gold Elo most evies are uh, garbage, i also suck with her.)

FERNANDO - Fernando finally got some love again, he is finally able to be used outside of insanly specific compositions, insane caut applier, basicially everyone near the point will have permanent caut applied, fireball is an amazing finisher and sustain tool, his charge even if mediocre can with the right loadout be easily regained in a matter of second, and with Unstopable force your charge may get him some cheeky enviromental kills.

(He is still not amazing but its getting better with him.)

Maeve - Maeve is not bad, not at all, her vertical mobility is insane, being able to duel Drogoz or even an Ulted Willow, however multiple other flanks heavily outclass her, and without cat burgular haven 3 just destroys her damage output, still fairly usefull if played right.

Grohk - Fun doesn't always equal to actual usefullness, grohk is hands down the worst healer in the game, but no one plays him for that voluntarily anyway, he is a very solid damage dealer and caut applier, being able to do crazy aoe damage with his Shock Pulse, however he lacks burst, something very important for a Damage dealer, his ultimate is also flat out useless if any champion with decent DPS is on the enemy team, he is still a lot of fun.


Lex Lex
Vivian Vivian
Pip Pip
Torvald Torvald


VIVIAN AND LEX - Both Vivian and Lex are not bad champions, not even close but they are outclassed and essentially made obsolete by other champions, Lex is also overall one of the worst flankers in the game just above moji, which i think is sad because i like his Kit.
Vivian can deal insane amounts of damage if given the chance to, but she is often killed before being able to go on a huge killing spree.

PIP - Heal Pip is heavily outclassed and Battle pip has some significant problems, gets completely shutdown by most Hitscan though to his large head hitbox, he can work on a handful of maps.

It really hurts me to say this but Pip is just not a good champion at the moment overall, even if he is one of my personal favorites.

Torvald - This just makes my heart hurt, Torvald was beyond totally broken, but now he is basicially useless, wrecker 1 basicially makes projection useless without Thanks Grandpa! he only really works in specific compositions.
Getting a Penta by launching an entire team off the map at the Final Cap on Serpent beach is still a memory you will never ever forget.


Moji Moji

Very Mediocre

MOJI - Probably one of the worst characters in the game at the moment, basicially useless against more then one enemy, Ultimate is inconsistent and mobility is also mediocre, however the insane burst she can put out his mentionable, even if it requires you to be in the enemies face.
Mentionable is that if she eats Terminus using her ult he cannot revive himself.



Yeah nothing


Yagorath Yagorath

Yagorath - Not an actual ranking, i cannot determine how strong he is at the moment, he is also not available in ranked at the moment, but i will say so much, a character forced to be stationary never works in a FPS, as compensation he is a damage sponge.


Nothing again

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