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Patch 2.4

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This is my experience climbing from Silver 5 to Platinum


Furia Furia
Jenos Jenos

These two champions are the best healers at this moment.



Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Ying Ying

These healers are good, but not the best. (Both mobile so you can heal for a longer period of time)


Grover Grover
Grohk Grohk

Not main healers, but still great picks combined with one of the above 4. (As damage dealers)



Io Io
Seris Seris

Io is mobile but doesnt burst heal or heals multiple champions like the ones above.

Seris is not mobile with a long cooldown on her shadow step, so when people keep chasing her she is not that great.





Skye Skye
Pip Pip
Moji Moji
Raum Raum
Khan Khan

Are these even healers??? If you think so then:

These "healers" are the worst. You might ask "why is Pip there?" - well he doesnt burst heal or have consistent healing (like Jenos).

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Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Cassie Cassie
Evie Evie
Buck Buck
Ruckus Ruckus
Androxus Androxus
Kinessa Kinessa
Drogoz Drogoz
Bomb King Bomb King
Viktor Viktor
Makoa Makoa
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Tyra Tyra
Torvald Torvald
Maeve Maeve
Inara Inara
Lex Lex
Willo Willo
Ash Ash
Lian Lian
Zhin Zhin
Strix Strix
Talus Talus
Terminus Terminus
Vivian Vivian
Koga Koga
Dredge Dredge
Imani Imani
Atlas Atlas
Tiberius Tiberius